Take the Plunge With a Little Help From New Friends! | Building Comfort Outside the Zone

Surprise: A new look—because it was time! Here’s why. 

Twelve months ago I faced up to the fact that I was missing the boat. Every day it seemed I was somehow falling behind. I wasn’t exactly sure why: I just felt out of it! 

Commentary about social media was everywhere and, even though I’d been on LinkedIn, I’d never moved forward. 

So I took the plunge. Feeling brave, I set up Facebook and Twitter accounts back to back. It was pathetic: I had no idea what I was doing.

What continues to amaze me is the generosity and welcoming nature of people I meet this way. I’m especially grateful to these patient supporters and mentors who reached out early on. 

Talent to lean on 

It’s one thing to have expertise and another to be willing to share it:  Enter Cindy Ratzlaff (@BrandYou), author of Queen of Your Own Life, social media expert and new friend. Cindy taught me social media do’s and don’ts and how things actually worked. 

After meeting with Cindy, I lured my then social media neophyte friend, Cherry Woodburn (@CherryWoodburn), at Borderless Thinking to come along for the ride. We burned up our phone lines trying to figure out how to set up pages and settings, gleefully sharing “aha” moments. 

When people started to follow me, I was both nervous and amazed. I wasn’t sure where any of this was heading and didn’t want to offend anyone. (Gosh, a gaff on Twitter could go viral, I worried, until I realized I needed to be really famous for that!) 

One day I got a lovely, welcoming tweet from Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter (@ValueIntoWords) at Career Trends that began a relationship of mutual support and genuine caring. Jacqui invited me into her circle and the wonderful folks in it. 

Then there was Joe Lavelle (@ActAsIfSite) consultant and author of Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail, who faithfully tweeted my blog posts for weeks because he liked them. Soon we became owners and proponents of each other’s books.

In time,  my Facebook and Twitter followers gave me the courage to take my next plunge: My quest to find comfort in a new zone! 

Blogging, here I come! 

Getting started as a blogger was really scary for me. Even though I’d written a published book, the fact that a blog opened me up to immediate feedback was pretty unnerving. I’m actually very private by nature, so “being out there” was (and still is) a struggle for me. 

That said, writing this blog has been an amazing experience, thanks to you. I wrote my first post in December 2009: This is my 90th. In that first month, there were 189 readers; this month there will be over 1,400—more than 8,000 hits in 11 months. It both humbles and motivates me. 

I keep finding new and wonderful bloggers to follow. (I have a hard time keeping my blogroll current!) Each one helps me get better.

It was a special moment to be invited to guest post for Jennifer Gresham (@JenGresham) at Everyday Bright. Her coaching helped me deliver a post that attracted over 100 readers. How kind was that! 

This month I was invited to set up a blog at Toolbox for HR (@ToolboxHR) where human resource professionals share ideas, experiences, and best practices. More great people to meet! 

Staying outside the comfort zone 

I’ve made a career of reinventing myself, so hopefully this blog will evolve too. “Business fitness,” a metaphor I use to build awareness of the importance of coupling business savvy with what we’re passionate about, drives my thinking. It’s time for me to write some blogs on what “business fitness” is and how you can become more business fit yourself. I hope they will be helpful. 

I love writing for you and hearing your voice through your comments. So please participate. There’s nothing better for me than a little help from new (and old) friends! 

What it is that you like best about other blogs that you read? What suggestions can you give me to make mine better? Many thanks!