What (Career) Luck’s Got To Do With It | Paying It Forward

For all my achievements, titles and business ventures, I’ve come to realize that I am simply a learner who teaches and writes. Even though I’m inwardly shy, I have things I need to say, not for myself, but for you. 

There have been lots of twists and turns to my career: classroom teaching, Fortune 500 manager jobs, commercial horse breeding and other small business ventures. Each was rich with discoveries about what it takes to achieve the success I wanted. 

Sometimes we make our luck and other times it’s a gift. Mine came embodied in some wonderfully generous and enlightened leaders who saw something about me that motivated their support and inspired my hard work. Their gift to me was access and the opportunity to see how business works from the inside. 

I learned that success emerges from being clear about what we’re after and the cumulative effect of all the work we do

So I wrote—Business Fitness | The Power to Succeed—YourWay 

It took me over 20 years to gather my discoveries together and package them around a useful metaphor.  Since business is a competitive undertaking like sports and since we, as employees or owners, drive the outcome, I realized that “business fitness” is what it takes to drive our success.

I wrote it for new grads, entry level hires, folks feeling stuck or overlooked, fast-trackers looking for an edge, small business owners trying to do it all, professional practitioners/education leaders facing management challenges and many others. 

A gift with a lift 

Writing Business Fitness was my way to “pay it forward” for all the help I’d been given. It honored those leaders who trusted in me. 

Perhaps this is the right time for you to give a copy to yourself or someone who is: 

  • Struggling to find the right career path
  • Starting out in a new job and working to find his/her way
  • Trying to position him/herself for advancement
  • Working to build a strong brand or repair a damaged one
  • Looking for a way to distinguish him/herself
  • Trying to expand his/her reach

 Business Fitness includes plenty of stories with interesting plot lines, except these stories are true. You’ll meet real people who faced significant career challenges and see why some succeeded and other failed. You’ll also hear from me about “hot seat” and “aha” moments from my youth and my adult career. (Some are quite embarrassing!) 

There is also plenty of “how to” information on: 

  • Personal brand building and management
  • Writing effective goal statements
  • Using knowledge to build leverage
  • Building, supporting, and engaging an internal network of allies
  • Attracting a following, building a power base, and collaborating for results
  • Taking the lead and managing risk
  • Getting support for an initiative and managing change 

It’s a book you can roam through, reading what you need when you need it. There are even exercises to help you put things in order. 

My offer 

It’s so uncomfortable for me to promote my own work. Sales isn’t naturally in my blood. But I wrote Business Fitness to let you in on the insights I’ve gained. So, since I believe in the book’s value, here goes: 

When you buy a copy from my website, the book is $19.95 ($2.00 below list) with free shipping in the Continental U.S. It comes signed and/or personalized with a bookmark. 

Through December 18, 2010, I will also wrap it and include a gift card free.  

If you or your business would like to give it as a gift to multiple employees or customers/clients, there are quantity prices plus shipping. The “My Book” tab here has details. 

Whew, that’s over with! 

Hearing from you 

Your thoughts and feedback about the book and my posts are immensely valuable to me. I love to hear your stories and your views on the challenges of your work life. 

I write to help you find a technique or perspective that will make the path you’re on easier to navigate. It’s always a gift to me when you read and respond! Thanks, ~Dawn