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 Business Fitness: The Power to Succeed—Your Way

by Dawn G. Lennon(Glenbridge Publishing, 2007, 232 pp., hardcover)

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Business Fitness demystifies the process for achieving success in the business world and then provides seven smart moves to get there and stay there. Whether you work for an organization or yourself, you will benefit by learning how to become business fit—prepared and ready to take on any workplace challenge and succeed.

Learn about the power of the four private moves: Stay Well, Stay Focused, Stay Current, and Stay Connected. And then about the public ones: Attract a Following, Take the Lead, and Implement New Ideas.

Reinvigorate your confidence, take charge of your business life, and move forward from a position of strength that delivers results—your way.

Praise for Business Fitness

“There are a number of reasons I really like this book.  First, Lennon writes in much the way I try to write in that the book is “simple.”  By simple I don’t mean elementary.  Simple in this instance means highly practical and down to earth.  No high flying, impractical discussions of fun–but ultimately useless–business theory; just real world guidance that will have a major impact if implemented.  Second, Lennon uses lots of dashes.  I have an unlimited supply of dashes and spew them out unhesitatingly in my writing.  Even though she uses them far more sparingly than I–I’ve found another dashaholic.  Third, her observations, guidance, and advice are spot on.  Fourth, this is an ACTION book.  This isn’t about Lennon giving you information; it is about actively implementing what you learn.  Business is action.  Information is worthless if it doesn’t result in some sort of action—and action, not just information, is the real meaning of Business Fitness.” Paul McCord, a globally recognized authority in prospecting, business development, and personal marketing; author of Creating a Million Dollar a Year Sales Income: Sales Success through Client Referrals and SuperStar Selling: 12 Keys to Becoming a Sales SuperStar

“Business Fitness is written in a format in the conversational style of a thoughtful coach. It captures the essence of John Maxwell’s leadership and teamwork books…I recommend Business Fitness for all student affairs professionals and student leaders alike. The text would be appropriate to use for staff development activities, supervision meetings, and team conversations.” Scott Helfrich, Ed.D. and author of StudentLifeGuru blog

Whether you are just starting out or are in a mid-life career shift, this book provides practical guidance for career success. The straightforward exercises and observations make it easy to find your direction. The author’s style is refreshing…; it is clear, concise and user-friendly. I highly recommend it.” K.V. Blume, Esq. and owner, Conflict Resolution Services


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    • Daria, Thank you sooooo much! I’m very grateful. I can’t begin to tell you how difficult it was for me to write this post. I know what I’d tell a client to do but somehow it’s so difficult for me to take a step like this for myself! I’ll get your copy packaged up and in the mail Wed. I hope you like it and will share your feedback! Thanks again, ~Dawn

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    Did I just do this…or is it different? I don’t know. Past me. If you are a former ML teacher, you might remember me, or Ann Steinetz. We have been married since 82. Would love to reconnect

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