Great Reads

Business fitness means staying current, an important success move.  Books help us put all the pieces together so we can understand the bigger picture.  I’ll keep adding to “Great Reads” routinely and hope you’ll comment with your own suggestions!

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4 thoughts on “Great Reads

    • Daria,

      You are lightning fast with your comment. Thanks so much for the suggestion. The book and topic sound great!

      I just added 8 fictions titles after your comment. Wonderful to hear from another book lover! All the best, ~Dawn

  1. Delivering Happiness by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh

    Great book(especially for entrepreneurs and SMB’s) on how Zappos created a great company culture that many people would be envious of(me) :)

    • Funny you should mention this book. I gave it to a marketing director client of mine but never read it myself. I’ve got to fix that since, of course, I shop at Zappos! Thanks for the suggetion! ~Dawn

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