Career in a Rut? Partner Up and Push. | A “Business Fitness” BOGO

Careers are personal. They’re about what we want from our work life and what we’ll risk to get it.                

Navigating our career path can be lonely. What it takes to be successful isn’t always clear. The messages we get may be vague or conflicting. Our coworkers may have agendas that don’t include us. 

Going it alone is how many manage their careers. That makes about as much sense as trying to lose weight, quit smoking, or master tennis without a support system. We all need someone in our corner to keep us going; they need us too. 

A rescue offer 

I wrote Business Fitness: The Power to Succeed—Your Way to make managing your career easier and to get beyond the fluff. 

If you’re ready to get serious about your career planning, I’d like to make it easy for you get (re)started: 

For all of January 2012, I’m offering buy one get one (BOGO) free, signed copies of my book.  

Just go to my website “book” tab and add one (1) copy to your cart for $19.95. (I’ll know to send two by your date of purchase.) Shipping is free in the continental U.S. 

A great career development strategy is a powerful thing. Here’s how you can us the book to build yours.

The power of partnering 

When building your career, there’s real value in partnering with someone you trust and respect, someone to hold you accountable for setting goals and staying the course for success. 

There reasons galore why we benefit from the support of a partner: 

  • It’s difficult for us to see ourselves objectively. We need a filter. 
  • It’s difficult to stay motivated when things go awry, when we’ve been disappointed, and when we lose our optimism. 
  • It’s difficult to stay up when our self-confidence wanes, self-doubt haunts us, and opportunities have been missed. 

Whether careers are exotic or mundane, they often progress in mysterious and unpredictable ways. The only aspects we control are the choices we make, the capabilities we develop, the chances we take, and the relationships we form. 

Along the way, we need to  build momentum around our efforts until the pieces take shape and a picture of our career emerges. A “business fitness” partner can keep us on track.

 Keep pushing 

Finding career success isn’t easy. It means always pressing forward. Funny, how we continually need to push and be pushed. So give this approach a try: 

  • Select a single partner or small group (no more than 5)
  • Agree to meet at a set day and time (at least twice monthly)
  • Use your first meeting to establish ground rules, particularly confidentiality around information shared. Then share what kind of success each of you wants right now.
  • Assign one chapter from Business Fitness to be read and discussed at each meeting. Agree to share answers to the inventories at each chapter end.
  • After all the chapters have been discussed, go back and (re)write your career goals and share. Hold each other accountable for specific statements.
  • Use each subsequent meeting to review progress on goals, provide insights and support, and identify ways to help each other move forward. 
  • Make the meetings and the process fun!

This process is part book club, mastermind group, and individual mentoring/coaching. As you progress, you’ll come up with endless next steps that will build your capabilities, strengthen your self-confidence, and deepen relationships. 

Career building takes discipline. There are no shortcuts that are sustainable. When we’re at our best, we feel business fit. To get there, we need each other.

9 thoughts on “Career in a Rut? Partner Up and Push. | A “Business Fitness” BOGO

    • Hi! Kathy…Thanks for the great mastemind group endorsement. I had one for three years while writing my book and setting up my practice and it was amazing. If it’s on your mind, I say, “Go for it!” ~Dawn

  1. Mastermind groups can be very beneficial. Giving the steps and your helpful book as part of the roadmap is an excellent idea.

    What’s with the advertisement at the end of your post. I didn’t notice it said “ad”, thought it was part of your post and I’m seeing a woman drip yogurt on her cleavage and pull a guy towards her and thinking, what will happen that makes this related to the post. Interesting. Cherry

    • Cherry, when I go to the post I don’t see what you describe, anywhere. I’m totally baffled. As you know I don’t advertise on my blog and certainly wouldn’t condone what you describe. Do you continue to see it? Does anyone else out there see the same. Egad!

      Anyway, thanks for the good word about mastermind groups. I know that you know that when they’re well-run, they deliver terrific results! ~Dawn

    • You’re not kidding, that’s weird. Never heard of such a thing. Thanks a million for letting me know. Hopefully, it was some kind of spam that wordpress caught and deleted. Whole thing was kind of creepy! You’re the BEST! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Hi Dawn – great post and looks like you are inspiring and helping a lot of people!!!

    I’m in the process of writing a book on goal setting and achievement myself – would appreciate you having a look and giving me any feedback… If you’d be kind enough to fill in the questionnaire there’ll be a free copy of the book for you when it’s published!

    Have a look here:

    All the best for achieving your goals in 2012!!!!

  3. Dawn,
    Congratulations on finishing your book. I agree, it is much more effective to partner than to go it alone. A group or partner provides structure, support, honest feedback, and accountability. There is so much distraction in today’s world that we need these types of tools to focus and persist in reaching our goals.

    • Thanks, Melanie. My book’s been out for a while but the task of making it happen still feels like yesterday! It reveals many realities of what it takes to take control of your career and the specifics about how to do it. You’re so right about how teaming up with at least one other person provides that all important structure and accountability. We may think we can go it alone in life, but truth is we really can’t. Thanks so much for this great comment! ~Dawn

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